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Spirit Theatre #20 - i was robbed in my dream but i think i'm okay now (bela March, 2019)

my dream was so horrible last night
depicting a paradise of my choosing is only possible when i am in a paradise
i think it's amusing to play a game of paradise
paradise game can only start with sound, as music puts a space in motion
what a good day to start playing

Hiroshi Yoshimura - Feel
Claro Intelectro - Beautiful Death
Woob - Emperor
Mamouth Shankar - Naktis
Christina Vantzou - Small Choir (Ben Vida Remix)
Plinth - 14 Bathwick Hill
Tunde Adebimpe & Ryan Sawyer - Laying Low
Dolphins into the Future - Ho'okena Halawai
dogr - Han River Heaven & Work
박민희 - 가곡실격: 나흘 밤
Jin Sangtae - chair @ anseong
Quinto Dolce Consort - Arvo Pärt - Pari intervallo pour quatre flûtes à bec
Quinta - At The Top Of Bear Hill

Spirit Theatre #19 - My Feeling of Reality (emamouse February, 2019)

I've been playing this game ever since this big ol' console was first powered on when I was a kid, and am so far yet to clear it.
I don't even know if it's clearable - maybe it's not.
But it definitely feels real.
I say this but, I have no way to tell if my impression of yesterday was real.
And because I can only speak for my own experience, I've just gotta keep on grinding.

私が子供だった頃、大きな大きな筐体に電源を入れてから、未だにこのゲームをクリアしていません。 クリアすることがあるかどうかもわかりませんし、なにもないかもしれない。

MD アイ ラブ ミッキーマウス ふしぎのお城大冒険
NES うっでいぽこ
PCE プリンスオブペルシャ
NES ドラえもん
NES WizardryIII・ダイヤモンドの騎士
SNES ミッキーのマジカルアドベンチャー
SNES ガデュリン
GB ラクロアンヒーローズ
NES ナイトガンダム物語
SNES マリオペイント
NES 迷宮組曲
SNES 超魔界村
NES スペランカー
SNES シムシティ
PCE ロードス島戦記

Spirit Theatre #18 - Attack From an Unknown Source (Daniel Jenatsch January, 2019)

"The problem is there is no way to guard against attacks of this nature.“

"So this is quite clearly a deliberate act."

A spokesperson said the incident was "malicious and unprecedented".

Despite an earlier "miscommunication" which cast doubt on any genuine activity - the Army was called in.

"Certain functions have been programmed in and they carry it out autonomously."

Police said they repeatedly appeared and disappeared from view.

But Prof Gray believes the chaos was from a "rogue operator"

Prof Gray said the organisations previous detection system was of a "very primitive nature"

"The question is why weren't people better prepared?

"This was not unforeseen."

That there was no footage or photographs There was "always a possibility that there may not have been any genuine activity in the first place."

Police say it's possible it may have never existed.
Somei Satoh - Anne Akiko Meyers - Li Jian - Birds in Warped Time II
Daniel Jenatsch - untitled - Jupiter Orbiting OST
Hildur Gudnadóttir - Whiten
Art Bears - On Suicide
Daniel Jenatsch - Mother Holding Something Horrific (for claire lambe and atlanta eke)
David Lang - Little Eye
Pierre Henry - Fragments Pour Artaud - La Religion

SoundMorph - Steampunk Weapons
Binaural Field Recordings - Daniel Jenatsch
Bonson - Wings collection
Sound Idea’s - Industry Jungle Forest
Sound Library - Group of horses running over soft earth
David Bowie - Wild is the Wind (Remastered 2016)

Spirit Theatre #17 - fire lens (morbid December, 2018)


Spirit Theatre #16 - Vote or Die! (DJ Wèi Wáng November, 2018)




第二首的聲音來自反核了三十年的社運人士吳文通先生在呼籲大家公投16號請投不同意,要記得喔! (跟大家推薦這篇:貢寮守護的先行者 漫漫反核路‧吳文通

第三首的聲音來自許牧彥 v.s 陳思豪的同婚辯論,前面是許牧彥的論述,然後接陳思豪詫異的語氣。說到這,自由時報跟Taipei Times好像不太報婚姻平權的事情齁?

第四首是我長年關注同志運動的朋友林宗輝(aka 礦物母金剛)。當時蜂蜜檸檬事件甫爆發,我有一天早上五點在憂國憂民的煩躁中徘徊時,他傳了這首語音信


10 11 12 => X
13 14 15 => O
16 => X

The first segment of this piece made from a field recording I made at the ghost festival at my hometown Keelung (recorded Aug 24, 2018). Chinese immigrants during the 19th century often form gangs based on where they came from from China, resulting in massive deaths. Ultimately the mob leaders came up with a peace agreement: they would host a Ghost Festival every Zhong-yuan day to commemorate their brothers who died in the gangster warfares, following Daoist religious practices. They also got rid of the identification system that’s based on where you came from back in China, and adopted a new system where people were grouped together by their surnames; this year it was the Lais who are responsible for holding the festival, for example. The Ghost Festival in Keelung, then, is not just a religious ritual, but also marks the nativization of a Chinese identity into a Taiwanese one.

The rest is Taiwan’s referendum stuff. The second segment is made from thirty-year anti-nuclear veteran Wu Wen-tong (吳文通)’s voice recording, in which he cautions people to downvote referendum number 16. The third segment is a recording of the TV debate over gay marriage held in the past few weeks, which is also an item in the referendum. The fourth is made from a recording of my friend Lim Chonghui (aka Mineral Gorilla) singing what is currently popularly known as the “Honey Lemon” song. One of the mayoral candidates, who proposed to give every citizen a cup of honey lemon juice to stay healthy as one of his policies, had sung this wistful tune to his audience at the end of his debate, the lyrics of which is about how you only get so many autumns in your life, so one should just aim to get drunk and don’t be too concerned with worldly affairs.
Suggested reading: new bloom referendum explainer

Spirit Theatre #15 - our sleeves fall past our palms (knifebody October, 2018)

treading water, palms in sleeve, will you meet me there?
have a nice life - a quick one before the eternal worm devours connecticut
knifebody - lets go into the woods [fka cdwc, recorded 22.04.15] knifebody - live improv. 11/10/18
suicideyear, future - honest [knifebody cut]
grasps - divine providence [slowed, unreleased]
matt uelmen - wilderness [diablo ii ost]
ad te levavi animam meam (unto to you i have lifted up my soul), field recording (14/12/10) - florida schola cantorum [mihoko221] w/ ricky eat acid - god puts us all in the swimming pool [knifebody cut]
airport - dress lake [filt. delay+slowed]
pill friends - mall goth

Spirit Theatre #14 - Screaming Secrets (Lilly Kane September, 2018)

Last night I dreamt my studio was an empty treehouse but it was impenetrable, vertical, you had to climb uphill but I’m scared of heights you have to crawl through the dog door darcy tells me that it’s ok though probably safe good value and I’m trying to explain to that I love you but then there is black metal. It is screaming at me in words, screaming in twitches in sequence words autumnal wound come to mind but then they are ruptured again and then they layer over the over the top and it’s words but phrases and images holding each other close to I want it to hold you and the sound in intimate in me but I don’t want to share anything I don’t want to be touched I swear I just don’t want to be touched.

Spirit Theatre #13 - Bilgamesh (Slo Dem August, 2018)

A dip into the cultural displacement and diaspora of the Anthropocene

Spirit Theatre #12 - Mixed Mythologies (R Hunter July, 2018)

I remember when I first saw sap
speared on the chainlink fence
in the corner of the park
its reddy amber glistening
in the midday sun’s light
dripping down the bloody bark

I felt shame as I pushed my fingers
into the clotting wood, and then to my mouth
where I found the taste not like honey
but acrid and bitter
its resin already setting
on my small lips

I saw the myriad scars that covered the trees limbs
as it had twisted and bulged
against its checkerboard enclosure
endlessly cycling
through growth and pain

sometimes the finger of a branch
tempted by the sun
would poke through a steel diamond
and perhaps the roots had grown underneath
to explore the soil’s topology

But like the Rook on its board
the tree was rendered immobile
against the chance of its growth
in that corner of the park
bloody and battling
every victory pyrrhic

Nuccio d’angelo - due canzoni lidie, tranquillo (r hunter edit)
Meredith monk - cloud code (r hunter edit)
Catherine Lamb - paralaxis forma (r hunter edit)
Yung lean - red bottom sky (r hunter edit)
Tigran Hamasyan and Yerevan state chamber choir - Bazum En Qo Gtutyunqd (r hunter edit)
Morton Lauridsen - o magnum mysterium

Spirit Theatre #11 - Café Re:CONNECTION (A(;D June, 2018)

I was just going with the flow!

Spirit Theatre #10 - Gaoler (Felix Idle May, 2018)

parochialism fear envy and EDMecstasy- dutch hardcore as the medium and metaphor
all expectation and no release

Spirit Theatre #9 - Therme (Rot Front April, 2018)

The spas
A model
Tacky idealism in
Ironic realism out
Where the future roams stress-free

Spirit Theatre #8 - Ove Armor (Forefather March, 2018)

Is there such a thing as armor?
Can anyone survive this?

Spirit Theatre #7 - Milk and Honey (AVA Feb, 2018)

Xcise Intro
The Irish Book of Death and Flying Ships - Oliver Coates
Guilty - Tirzah II
Milk - Sea Oleena

A Situation of Meat 血肉之状 - Pan Daijing
ICON /C - Kara Lis Coverdale
ASMR Close Up Whispered Reading of Milk and Honey with Gum Chewing - Euphoric Whispers
A Low and Distant Sound Gradually Swelling and Increasing - Shane Carruth
The Irish Book of Death and Flying Ships - Oliver Coates
Lamb - Ava

Spirit Theatre #6 - Stygian Harlot in The Plains of Despair (T.H. Ricky Jan, 2018)

"The Fate of All Mankind is in The Hands of Fools"

Spirit Theatre #5 - Something reachable (Bintahaha Dec, 2017)

Un corps froid allongé au milieu de la salle,
la lumière de la fenêtre d'un bleu irréelle obscurcit l'intrus.
Vous l'observez depuis l'entrée, vous éforcant de saisir son identité:
Il reste indéterminable mais étrangement familier.
Vous vous approchez lentement et vous rend compte, avec surprise, qu'il n'y avait rien.
Vous ne pouvez pas retourner en arrière, la mort vous attends.
On ne voit rien ici.

Dada Chen! - Thus Things Flow Away 逝者如斯 (2015)
NYZ - MTNAM_6_SRi::stationONE_is_ON (2017)
Kuniaki Haishima - Melody Of The Underworld (2008)
Osvaldo Coluccino - Atto 1 (2012)
Naaahhh - Blooz (2017)
Laurent Fairon - The Elocunionist (2016)
Esther Vonrooy & Lander Gyselink - So It Goes (2012)
Yximallo - Retrocomission (1986)
Forbidden Siren Comercial (Long Version) (2003)
Saori Kobayashi - Fall Of The Ancient World (2002)
Untold - The Messenger (2014)
Susumu Ueda - Fukashigi Na Sign (2003)
Swaggerjack - Act 1 (2015)
Cibo Matto - Clouds (1999)
Nick James Scavo & Xander Seren - Glandasein (2017)
Akira Yamaoka - White Noiz (2001)
Perception - Mirage (1998)

Spirit Theatre #4 - stardust (Slake Mob, Nov 2017)

Christe eleison!
Kyrie eleison!
Ist diesen Atmosphere korrekt oder was?
他們說拎北刺青太花 花到哭爸
I put my hand on her belly
I slipped and fell, in the bath washing place, do you remember?
Consider, all your years lying dusty before you
Leave 'em til they matted forearm tatted
You're everything I hoped for, you're everything I need
but in her moods she'd be so rude to me, so much that I refused to see, her pain was so intense.

Text - Requiem for Ernst-Hugo (1928-1998)
Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (Sports Chant Stadium Remix)
Smash & Dj Rob - Korrekte Atmosphere (Original Smash)
Mzee Wa Bwax = Kupendapenda Kubaya
Ocrilim - Annwn, Part 7
Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 piano tutorial
OHVC-白布鞋2.0 Feat. 970
Rah Brahs - Gently Jeanrah
JAGUAR - Lonely Planet Boy
The Nodding Folk - Children Of The Nodapoc Gather Round
Westside Connection - The Gangsta, The Killa & The Dope Dealer (Chopped & Screwed) [DJ SCREW]
Stéphane Picq - The Magnificents
You Are So Beautiful To Me
Lolita Storm - Annabelle
Kernkraft 400 / Stardust piano

Spirit Theatre #3 - 'core (Mackeeper Oct, 2017)

/ The core is the site where meaning collapses and the symbolic order comes under existential threat.
// Hardcore never dies… hardcore is always already dead.
// The software / hardcore division outlines the psychic boundaries between life and death along which the subject operates.
// XDM presents us with an eternal orgasmic plateau and perpetual ego death...Sonic masochism becomes sexual ecstasy.
// The contemporary hardcore (dis)continuum is constituted by a collective sonic death drive. Acts of musical abjection and sublimation, algorithmically optimised by a post-pornographic media economy.
// Fucking filthy ear porn.

Hate Eater - Heroes
Mick Gordon - Olivia’s Doom (Chad Mossholder remix)
The Sprawl - Personality Upload
Croww - Prosthetics1 (Mechamix)
oxhy - water magic
Deep Sphere - Against the Truth
Robbie Tronco - Jesus Christ my pussy is burning (fierce ruling divas mix)
Kastle - Resurrection
Estoc - Trauma Makes Us Ghosts
VIOLENCE - The Third Tiered Candle
dj save the nhs - burning tories
Netas - Shitbeater
Dasychira / Baby Blue - Malevolence
Krampf - OST 3
Folkhälsan - 1.084
Profundo Vazio - Warzone with Sharkboy Lava
Outblast - Hey Motherfuckers
Boe Strummer / Maudit - Chanter pour Ceux
Deep Sphere - Dreaming

Spirit Theatre #2 - 24fwb (Candlelyte Nov, 2017)

Spirit Theatre #1 - From The Heart (Wa?ste Nov, 2017)

北漂一族~北京・さまよえる若者たち~ /北漂一族:在北京彷徨的年轻人/ the drifting northern tribe ~aimlessly wandering Beijing youth~
無国籍 ~ワタシの国はどこですか / 无国籍 我的祖国在哪里 / Stateless (2009) Dir. 玄真行
Hitoshi Komuro, Nobuo Yagi - 死んだ男の残したものは / All That the Man Left Behind When He Died
Abosahar - For 3ebs
South Armagh - Bandit Country (1976)
firaasbeats- انا جي هغني (I Come To Sing) ft. Dj Abo Sahar [loop]
Hitoshi Komuro, Nobuo Yagi - 死んだ男の残したものは / All That the Man Left Behind When He Died
Srećko Horvat on "emotional intelligence" - youtube
Wa?ste - amethyst tool x stargazer / moby - why does my heart feel so bad (loop)
archival footage of the Berlin wall coming down - youtube
Wa?ste - Winter's Hymn
snowstorm in inner mongolia - youtube
Gyorgy Ligeti - Requiem
"the queen of attitude" facebook video
Merzbow - Penderecki
竇唯 / Dou Wei - 雨吁 Rainy Murmur