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Wa?ste April March

WA?STE is the moniker of Felix Idle--producer, artist & Valley Spirit Recordings label head, based out of Tokyo, Japan. He makes music that characterizes both the curiosity and content fatigue stemming from long hours online. He rips the euphoric guts from trance, gabba & other hard dance genres, re-integrating it into slower but no less ambitious instrumentals. This aggressive eclecticism forms a bed for his saccharine vocal melodies & gently blurred-out lyricism. His releases include Hollow Vessel (2016) on Shanghai label Genome 6.66mbp and Living Demons (2019) on Quantum Natives, as well as contributions to ANBA, Eternal, Unseelie, Absurd Trax, Daddypower Records, Body Promise, Decisions and CVLT.



29th April to 6th May Public holiday, plus 10 business days.

Current Schedule:
Barcelona Zen55 26th April
Cairo TBC
Ljubljana TBC
Prague TBC

Expectations from Promoters:
Ideally contribution towards travel within Europe, or otherwise.
Realistically, accomodation (friends couches is good if this kind of arrangement is convenient).

Additionally (not req., subject to discussion):
Translation of two short pieces of writing I use in my visuals.

Artist Photos

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